Whether you are a sophisticated investor with a specific investment mandate or a company owner looking for the right partner, we are capable of providing you with the most reliable service and senior-level dedication

Business & Project Development

Specialize in providing research and development of projects carried out by real estate investment companies and others, including, of strategies for development opportunities, economic feasibility and marketing, review of requirements and obstacles to development, monitoring progress in implementation.

Personalized business and management decisions, assessment of strategic business development and studies for financial and technical feasibility.

Investment Corporate Solution
Financial Planning, Analysis and Modeling Valuation

Investments in commercial enterprises and management

investing its funds through the establishment of subsidiaries engaged in various commercial  activities, as well as transport, contractual and financial activities, in addition to other investments or shares in commercial enterprises.

Investments in oil and natural gas

projects investing its funds through the establishment of subsidiaries for investments in oil and natural gas projects, this includes exercising operational control and managing the operations of related units.

“Authorized exclusive agent” for the provision of investment funds, project financing and management services worldwide. Our professional services listed below as appropriate for their respective line of business:

Project financing / Credit without recourse

Issuance of bank guarantee (BG), standby letter of credit (SBLC)

Line of credit (Monetize) against our leased BG / SBLC

After contacting our department, we will provide the necessary documentation and process procedure.

Real estate activities

Encompass a range of services relating to the provision of property, i.e. buying, selling and renting of commercial and residential properties or land. This division also includes the activities of real estate agents intermediating in buying, selling, letting or managing real estate.

Commercial representative

The aggregation of sellers and buyers involved in wholesale and retail trade, for commission or remuneration in import and export trade. Trade assistance in international business transaction.

About Us

The company was acquired by Zapryan Todorov, who has over 10 years of combined experience in business and management consulting, corporate financial consulting and private equity.

With a past in investment banking, he is an experienced serial entrepreneur with strong commercial and financial experience in a wide range of industries and business practices throughout Europe and Asia. Mr. Todorov enjoys an extensive network of business leaders and civil servants throughout Europe and Asia, as well as a network of investors. The desire lies in finding creative solutions and thinking that meets all business cases. Mr. Todorov is like a Bulgarian citizen. Spoken languages: Bulgarian, Russian, English, German. 

STK Capital Investment Fund Limited is organized and incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong. Through its predecessors, affiliates and related independent contractors, it has become a diversified company and its mission consists of the following various activities:



Our mission is to provide quality complex solutions with an individual approach to each client. The company was established and strives to meet complex solutions in the global market in the field of trade, business projects and real estate management, also we have contractual relationships with financial institutions to provide the full range of products in corporate finance. The individual approach to each client is our success. We strive to develop global markets in Europe and Asia.


From a company with competent management to be one of the leaders in our field, relying on quality results for a certain period of time; to work for our customers for satisfaction, creating modern solutions for achieving the realization of each commercial transaction and business development of different nature.

The company works with qualified and motivated specialists who offer solutions that meet the requirements for quality and accuracy of execution for our customers.


Finance and Banking

Risk Comliance AML analysis

Business Project management and analysis

Wealth and Investment management

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